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    Extract after '#' in URL + Flash SEO

      Hi everyone,

      I have a question regarding the hash (#) in the URL in our Flash website. We created a website, full-flash, with a back-end in coldfusion. We used SWF deeplinking so when somebody clicks on a button the title and URL of the page changes.

      Now we put some HTML content on the website that isn't visible to users who have flash installed but I guess Google doesn't search the Flash but the html-content instead. We would like to optimise each seperate page with it's own unique HTML-content, but to achieve that we need to get the data from the current URL or page-title.

      Example: http://www.website.com/#/products/shirts/ links directly to the correct page inside the flash-website, how can I get the 'products/shirts/' part extracted from the URL to use in coldfusion?
      That way we could build unique content for the html-version of the website which "normal" users don't see but Google does.

      Any other tips regarding Flash + Coldfusion + SEO are highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,
      Kind regards,