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    Fixing/resetting the dictionary?



      I'm using RoboHelp 8 for Windows 7. Even though I have the langauge setting to "English (US)," it's constantly calling words as spelled wrong, even when they're not. Like "hassle" and "mailing" and "encrypted" and "online."


      Is there some way to reset the dictionary or update it (whithout adding every "misspelled" word to the user dictionay)?




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Being from the UK I thought English US was full of misspellings.


          Being serious, I experienced similar issues but it seemed to go away and not just by adding words. The dictionary is shared with other Adobe products and I don't know of a way to reset it.


          I assume you have both RoboHelp 8 patches applied.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            GSLiam Level 1

            Heh, funny.


            Hmm, that's annoying. Hate the idea that I have to work with all these pointless red underlines all over the place. Guess I can just turn off spell-check. :-/


            Yeah, I believe I have both. It's reading as version I installed it a year ago and don't recall. 'fraid I don't use the app too often (though I do love the program! Just wish it didn't have a messed-up dictionary....)


            Thanks for replying.

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              JaredHess Level 1

              Did anyone find a fix for this? I'm also getting this problem. I think it happened when I installed the RH 11 trial (I'm currently using RH 9), but I'm not sure. I did find on this thread (Where does Robohelp 9 store its dictionary?) the location of the user additions to a dictionary, but I can't figure out what dictionary it's using for the base dictionary, nor how to resolve the issue of it randomly marking words as incorrect.


              Here's a simple example of a topic where some words (template, templates, dimensions, mini-report) are shown as incorrect.


              I tried setting my languages files to something else (like German) and then back to English. Still no go.

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                JaredHess Level 1

                I just confirmed that, at least for me, when having RH 11 installed and then running a project in RH 9, this problem occurs. After I uninstalled RH 11, everything went back to normal for me. Yay!