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    How can I create additional buttons below the main toolbar?

    AKACB Level 1



      I'm using the latest version of the TCS to generate WebHelp and, following feedback from

      a colleague, would like to know if I can have a View PDF button below the main

      toolbar. This would be similar to the way that it's presented here on the

      Adobe pages, including the necessary' on click' information. I'd be happy

      if I could have an additional background colour for the extra toolbar part, rather

      than black as Adobe uses.


      Is this too out-of-scope for a beginner WebHelp producer or is it not even



      I did think that this might be a Master page thing, but I'm having no luck defining and using

      these at all. If this is the only way, are there any videos out there that I can watch

      to help and remove my current fear of them.


      Many thanks in advance for your help.


      Best wishes,