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    Adobe Reader 10.0.1 (AdbeRdr1001_en_US.exe)


      I am in the process of setting up distribution to upgrade the corporations systems with this version of Reader.  I am using SCCM to push it out, and so far this part is working.   What I am having difficulty with is setting the switch to turn off "Protected Mode" for any/all users that log into the systems.  Some of my users are floaters between different systems at multiple locations, and when they log into a system for the first time after Reader 10.0.1 has been installed, inside the preferences of Reader, the protected mode is turned back on.  I tried looking for this same file version in a MSI format so I could use Adobes Customization Wizard, but am unable to locate it.  I was able to located within the registry where I need to make the change which affects the current user, but with as many systems that we have that are remote, attempting to resolve this individually takes time.  Is there a central location within the registry that if the change is made will affect all users rather then just the current user. All the systems that are afftected by this are running Windows XP sp3 and all are being patched thru SCCM.  If there is a solution in the registry, then I will be able to use SCCM to push it to the systems.


      Any information would be greatly appreciated.