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    Portfolio Ideas

    UbuntuPenguin Level 4

      Hello Everyone,

        Since the code I work on is generally proprietary, I can't use that as examples my skillset.  I was wondering if anyone in the community had any ideas of an RIA application that would be good to go in a portfolio.  I can build a whole lot of stuff in Flex, but sometimes the UI/UX aspect just kills me.

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          bre_an Level 1

          Why not doing something for the open source community?

          There are some really cool projects out there, just think about the stuff you want to do or you have done so far where you have used an open source lib in flex.

          Or just write a small game... a simple side-scrolling game like supermario or something. (there are some cool flash game engines like http://flixel.org/ or http://flashpunk.net/ . Both are open source)

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            UbuntuPenguin Level 4

            I'll check into the open source community.  For the most part it seems that there really isn't one when compared to things like Apache. I'd rather stay away from Flash, seeing as how that isn't my expertise at all and I have no interest in making Flash stuff.

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              bre_an Level 1

              I am a bit confused... this is a Adobe Flex forum, your are asking for an RIA-Project but now you say that you are not interested in making Flash stuff?

              Anyway, there are also cool HTML-5-Projects going on that have nothing to do with flash/flex :-D

              For example I am currently validating craftyjs ( http://craftyjs.com/ ) as Flex/Flash alternative for some smaller projects.