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    "Show" Hyperlink Leads to Error Page

    Eva-KCI Level 1

      RoboHelp 9

      WebHelp Pro

      Single Project (upgraded from RH x5 to RH9)



      When a link to a specific topic is created, RoboHelp automatically inserts the "Show" hyperlink that is suppose to open the entire RoboHelp project and display the navigation options (TOC, Search, Index, etc.), but instead it results in an error page that says "the requested resource is not available."



      I.T. has figured out that the issue is related to case-sensitivity.  The "Show" URL lists the project's name in caps (PROJECTNAME.htm); if the case is changed to sentence case, which is how the project name is formatted, (Projectname.htm), then the URL works.


      How can the case be corrected in the "Show" URL that RH creates?


      Thank you,


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Eva


          One thing you may wish to consider is to enable the option for converting file names to lower case.


          This should be on either the first screen of the SSL recipe (version 8 or older)




          Or in the General category for RoboHelp 9.




          Give that a go and see if it corrects the behavior.


          Cheers... Rick



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            Eva-KCI Level 1

            Rick, thank you for the suggestion.  I am using WebHelp Pro SSL and do not see the option to use lowercase file names.  Should that option be there?

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              johndaigle Level 4

              Hi, Eva.

              I think the reason WebHelp Pro does not have that lower case/UNIX option is because RoboHelp Server 9 runs on the Apache Tomcat Server, but must be on a Windows Server OS as a system requirement (rather than UNIX).


              Meanwhile, I tested the Show link on my server using this context-sensitive call which is designed to open a CSH topic in a new, Single Pane Window.

              Here is the URL I'm using for the CSH link:




              Notice that there is "camelcase" all over the place, suggesting this is not the problem (at least in my setup.)


              It works as expected and the "Show" link opens to reveal the Nav Pane.


              Have you created a special window and given it a name which can be included in the CSH call? If this is being called from an application, how is that being done and I wonder if that's playing a role?


              Meanwhile, I will ask folks at Adobe if they could take a peek at this post to see if they have a different take.


              John Daigle
              Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Captivate Instructor
              Evergreen, Colorado

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                tuls.garg Level 2

                Hi Eva,


                It's Tomcat which determines whether the URL's are handled in case sensitive manner or not. Till Tomcat 6, Tomcat has an option to ignore case while handling URL's but from Tomcat 7 onwards, all URLs are handled on case sensitive basis. So it depends on which version of Tomcat you are using.


                If you are using Tomcat 6, then you can check if your "robohelp" context has been configured to ignore case of URL's

                You can do so by opening "{Tomcat Install Path}\conf\server.xml" file and look for xml tag "<Context>" with path attribute set as "/robohelp". Just check if this tag also has attribute caseSensitive set as "false" . If not, you can simply add this attribute with value false to "robohelp" context tag and then save server.xml and restart the Tomcat server.


                Please note that this will work only if your are using Tomcat 6. This caseSensitive flag has been deprecated in Tomcat 7 and onwards.



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                  Eva-KCI Level 1

                  John & Tulika, thank you for the responses.  Here is some additional information:

                  • We do not use CSH (occassionally, we send a link to a specific topic via email)
                  • We are using Tomcat 7


                  Considering this, is there a way to change the case sensitivity within the RoboHelp software? and if not, is there a work-around?