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    cannot transfer books (PDF) to another computer


      I added several books (PDF) in my work computer to the ADE library, and wanted to get access to them from the computer at home. The ADE in both computers have been authorized, but in the computer(home) I couldn't find these books in the library. I checked the ADE help. I think once the books are added into the library, no matter if they're purchased online or uploaded from the computer, they are automatically added into my adobe account, and I could get access to them from any authorized devices or ereaders.


      Could anyone help me solve this problem?


      P.S. I can't find these books in bluefire reader (ipod touch) too.

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          I have to 'assume' some things about your situation.  First, you're in the

          Windows PC world.  Next, you can access your work computer from home.

          With those assumptions, then, let's talk about what you 'assume' and what



          Your account with Adobe is related to activity on its website.  When you

          download ADE to a computer, you do so from the Adobe website, and Adobe

          keeps track of the software you have - not the documents you have.  That's

          ADE's job on your computer.  Documents are not stored under your Adobe

          account on their website.


          While ADE can support multiple computers and multiple ereaders, it's not set

          up to do so across the Internet.  You have ADE installed in different

          physical locations.  They are treated as stand-alone installations, and are

          not linked together over the Internet.  If you are trying to use ADE

          installed on computer 1 in your home to access documents in the library of

          ADE on computer 2 in your office, you will fail, because all of the linkages

          in ADE refer to that particular installation.  There is a way around this,

          however, but it requires you to have the documents in both places, which may

          be awkward if you're reading one of them at the office, and go home,

          expecting to continue to read it where you left off.  Can't happen that way.


          If the documents are reference-type material, and you need to have them in

          both places (or the equivalent situation), then copy the files onto a thumb

          drive or CD using MS utility software.  Take that drive/CD home with you and

          then transfer the documents to your home computer's ADE 'Digital Editions'

          folder.  Then, open ADE to the Library view.  Click on the arrow next to the

          word 'Library' and you'll get a drop-down box that has 'Add Item To

          Library'.  Click on it, and you'll get a MS window that lets you find your

          documents (one at a time!) in the Digital Editions folder.  Highlight the

          name, then click on OK, and ADE will add the item to your library.  All of

          this is pretty much the way we used to take home electronic documents and

          manage them on two computers.


          If you're wondering why, remember that ADE is an implementation of the

          agreements made by publishers under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of

          2000.  Other software like Bluefire and Overdrive do things a bit

          differently, but I don't know if they could do what I think you want to



          Hope this helps!


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            I think I understand. Thank you.