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    Loading an Havok Physics Scene in Director

    kdjado Level 1



      I am a new developer in Adobe Director.

      I am trying to use Havok Physics in Adobe Director. I take the example from :



      I dont see the place where the 3d data is loaded. In fact the file "RaycastCar.max" is used in the project.

      Any help will be appreciate.



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          _lw Level 1

          Fist of all you should not use Havok for new projects anymore. Use instead the new ageia physx xtra (dynamiks).


          There was a special way to prepare content for Havok simulations by using a tool called "plasma" that was capable of setting up physical objecs, dashpots and other things. It was a simple version of 3ds max. So this demo has just the ".max" file that you can load into 3ds max and change things. Not sure if this scene was prepared using plasma or simply exported from 3dsmax.


          Not sure if this is of some help, but again, if you want to set up some phyical simulations, better use ageia. Some functions are quite similar but you have here also 6dof joints that can make a lot of things easier than using dashpots or springs.



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            tyree_2 Level 2

            you dont need plasma. you can use havok, just use the load without imported hke