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    encore photoshop button broken


      I have both photoshop, and photoshop elements on my computer (someone else uses elements)


      The "edit in photoshop" button in encore now launches photoshop elements instead of photoshop.


      how do i fix that??

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You will need to go into Control Panel>Folder Options>File Types (or similar syntax, depending on your version of Windows), and under PSD, set the application affiliation to Photoshop.exe. I would guess that PSE was installed later, and just seized the file affiliation for PSD.


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            Photoquest8458 Level 1

            that was it.  the psd file is what it took.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Glad that it was so easy, and that nothing had mucked up the affinity in the Registry.


              This happens when programs that have affinity for particular files are installed. Usually, they do not check to see if another program has already established affinity, and especially in the case of PSD's. The installer setup just goes about its job, and suddenly PSD call PSE, instead of the existing PS.


              I had similar, though with worse results, when I installed PrE 4.0, on my laptop with CS2 Production Studio. Adobe had never considered that one might install the Elements program, with PrPro, Encore, etc., installed, and the entire Production Studio had to be Repair Installed.


              Some programs, and especially some players and viewers are very bad at stealing file extensions. QT Player was horrible, and would do that for every possible file type, including a bunch that it could not open, like DOC's. At least now, it offers the option to just go in and seize everything in sight, or limit it to just MOV, MP4, and a very others, that are specific to that player. RealMedia was the absolute worst, as it grabbed everything, overwriting every affinity in the Registry. Suddenly no programs would launch, and just about all files tried to open in RealPlayer. That thing was like a bad Trojan, and I would not let a copy within 10 miles of any of my computers. If you install a player, or viewer, just watch it like a hawk, and if issues arise, you know where to fix 'em.


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