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    Topic Name Pattern is constantly reset when linking Word Document


      I am using Robohelp 9.


      I have a Word document which I would like to Link, rather than Import.  The topics I would like pagination for are styles Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3.  I expect that the Word document will change in the future and so I would like the topic names to not contain the Word section number in them, so that if new sections are added to the Word document I will be able to use the Update command without having to remap the Map IDs.


      The documented way to manage this is the Topic Name Pattern field under Word Conversion Settings.  However, this field does not seem to remember any changes made to it. 


      I go to Project Settings -> Import -> Edit Conversion Settings for Word Document -> Other Settings and select Topic Name Patttern <$paratext_no_num>.    Hit Ok.  This takes me back to the Project Settings dialog.  Hit OK.    If I reopen Project Settings, the field no longer shows the selected settings, it still shows "(Default)".   None of the other settings in this dialog are saved either (for instance selecting "Convert Header" - this option is not selected anymore when I return the dialog).


      It does not seem to matter whether this setting is changed before Link, after Link and before Generate, or after Generate and followed by an Update.  The topic titles still always have the section numbers in them, and the field does not show the changes in the dialog.



      Am I missing something here?  Has anyone on these forums done this combination (Robohelp 9, Link Word Doccument, Topic Name Pattern change)?


      I find it hard to believe that a well-documented feature like this does not work.   There is a similar post here:

      http://forums.adobe.com/message/3003269  (the original poster was trying to change the topic names but the second replier seems like the same problem).





      If I use Import instead of Link, the Word Conversion dialog is presented as part of the Import, so there is an opportunity to set the Topic Name Pattern.  This however still seems to retain the section number in the topic name.  Since topic names can be changed and Word document changes cannot be resynced this probably doesnt matter much though.