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    adobe digital editions question


      I recently bought the Nook Color ereader - I previously had the Sony EReader which is no longer in use - could not be fixed - i had registered with Adobe Digital Editions with the sony reader and now have the Nook Color - Adobe does not allow me to download books from the library -i spoke to Overdrive Media - they are trying to resolve this problem = they say it is something on my computer = I can read what is on the Nook from ADE but cannot download any library books - does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem - Overdrive looked into my computer and looked into the firewall, wifi, etc and can't come up with an answer I also uninstalled ADE more than once on my computer but still cannot download the books - interesting from Nassau Digital Doorway (the library website I am trying to download from it states that I downloaded3 books but they never went through!!!!

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          First, your post isn't clear as to whether you're having problems with ADE

          on your computer, activating the Nook in ADE or downloading from your

          computer to the Nook.  I got the part about the library, but that brings up

          another question: is your computer registered with Adobe?  I would guess so

          because you were using a SONY ereader before.


          Next, if everything is working properly between your computer and your Nook,

          you can still have problems with the library interface to ADE on your

          computer.  They can be authentication problems, software version

          compatibility problems or plain software interoperability problems.  Nothing

          in this environment is trouble-free - yet.


          You haven't said it, but I 'assume' you have registered your Nook with its

          parent ebook store, and that the Nook is also authorized to ADE on your

          computer.  Given that, then it's possible your problems relate to the way

          your computer registration is linked to the libraries you're working with.

          Overdrive is supposed to be fussy in how it interrelates to ADE and the

          registration with the library has to be an exact match for Overdrive to work

          properly.  That may - or may not - be your problem.  You and Overdrive need

          to make sure that the user ID's and passwords match, along with the time,

          time zone and dates.


          I don't know anything about 'Nassau Digital Doorway', so I can't help you

          there, except to say that it probably has the same general approach: user ID

          and password, time, time zone and date matching.


          If you 'think' you've downloaded some ebooks but can't find them, they may

          be there, but not visible in ADE's library because you 'Open'ed them instead

          of 'Save'd them during the download process.  You can get them into the

          library by using ADE as follows:


          Go to ADE's Library view.  Click on the drop-down box arrow next to the word

          'Library' in the status area.  Then, choose 'Add Item To Library', and ADE

          will open a screen that allows you to find the ebook by name. When ADE opens

          this dialogue, it's looking in the Digital Editions folder, where most

          programs transfer ebooks by default.  You choose the ebook to add by

          highlighting the name, then pressing OK.  ADE will register the ebook in its



          That's a lot to digest.  But I hope it helps!


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            Thanks for the reply - the issue is that I can't seem to download library books - I called Overdrive and they went thru my entire computer they say something is blocking the site from downloading I was thinking of re-registering with another email account (aol) which I still have on my computer - I have books on the ADE that I purchased or are public domain but I still can't download library books which is the main problem I am having - I have called Overdrive and they are supposed to get back to me - any ideas you can give me would be helpful  thanks

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              Fixed the problem  just created another account  thanks for your input