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    Save As PDF from Word not working

    Andrew Dalton

      Hi all,


      Getting a bit anxious here. I'm on a Mac and for years I've been creating PDFs from Word (Office X, 2003) by following the path: File > Print > PDF button > Save as PDF. It's always worked perfectly.


      I bought my new iMac last week and could not create PDFs from Word. Thought it might be the version of Adobe Reader I was running (v9) so updated and am now running 10.0.3. No change. Some documents save fine, others don't.


      Can someone please help? I'm quite dependent on this function for sending PDFs, and the backlog is growing...


      Many thanks,



      My setup:

      iMac 3.1G

      12GB RAM

      OS 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard)

      Adobe Reader: v10.0.3