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    Flash Player 10.3 and Internet Explorer 9 update and workarounds

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Hello Flash Player community,


      We are tracking the issues being reported on Flash Player and Internet Explorer 9 and actively investigating them.  Users are reporting that Flash content is being displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.  We want to give those who are encountering these issues an update.


      First, we apologize to everyone affected.  We know you count on Flash Player as an integral component of the web and we strive for high quality and performance in each release.  We are actively looking into the root cause of this issue.  Thanks to many of you submitting information via email and our online bug database, we now have some solid leads we are pursuing.


      Flash Player 10 and later can use your system’s graphics hardware to accelerate video decoding, and can also accelerate video presentation on some sites. Starting with Flash Player 10.2, Flash Player will also take advantage of hardware accelerated graphics in Internet Explorer 9, utilizing hardware rendering surfaces to improve graphics performance.


      With Flash Player, reports indicate that systems with Intel HD Graphics adapters running Internet Explorer 9 are the only systems impacted by this particular bug.  If you are encountering this issue and have a different configuration we'd love to hear from you.  Please review the instructions on this page for details on generating the information we'll need for further investigation.



      Solution #1

      Adobe has officially released Flash Player for Internet Explorer to address the graphical issues introduced in  You can get this release by visiting our official download page, directly downloading and running the installer file, or using the Flash Player auto update mechanism.


      After installing, we recommend you re-enable hardware acceleration if you had it previously disabled.  We also recommend you clear your browser cache and restart your system.


      If you continue to encounter issues, please create a new thread and we'll do our best to investigate further.


      Solution #2

      On some systems, you may be able to resolve this issue by updating the Intel HD Graphics drivers. It has been reported that driver versions and above do not exhibit this bug. Unfortunately, some systems might require updates directly from your system manufacturer. We’re working with system manufacturers to make sure they include the latest drivers in future releases.


      Solution #3

      You can disable hardware acceleration in Internet Explorer 9 using the instructions on this page. Please note that you should re-enable hardware acceleration once this problem has been resolved to enjoy the full benefits of hardware acceleration.


      Thank you,

      The Flash Player team


      Update 5/20/11 - We've temporarily disabled the automatic update notification for Flash Player 10.3 and Internet Explorer.  We're making progress on a fix and hope to have a new version available next week.


      Update 5/24/11 - Added link to the test update


      Update 5/27/11 - Added instructions for post install of


      Update 5/31/11 - Updated thread with the official announcement

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