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    Video_TS Folder question

    shooternz Level 6

      If one copies (burns) a Video_TS Folder to a DVD...will it perform as a DVD.  ( Data?)


      I need to urgently send a file to the U.S so some one can burn there own DVDs from a clients project.


      I dont know too much about DVD burning workflows!


      Just thought I would DL my Premiere project to Encore and burn off a disk then copy and send the folder.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          With the proper file structure inside the VIDEO_TS, it will perform as a DVD-Video. Now, the Video & Audio streams will be contained in the VOB's inside that, and will be playable on a DVD set-top player, or via DVD software on a computer.


          Is that what you want?


          Otherwise, you would Export to an AV file, that will fit onto the disc (there are some progarms, that will allow you to span multiple discs, but I do not have a rec.), and then you will have a DVD-Data.


          Hope this helps,




          PS - if the end result will be a DVD-Video, that VIDEO_TS (and the contained files) will be all they need. They can Copy that disc to others, and ImgBurn (free and good) will allow that easily. If they have a dual-burner system, then it's very quick. If they have a single burner system, the VIDEO_TS will be Copied to the HDD, and then the DVD-Video will be burned from there.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Yeah, but that's kind of a shoddy way to do it. Better is to change the output format/destination in Encore to an ISO image file. It's a single, self-contained file--think of it as a zip file. They can burn that using quite a few utilities; I think even Windows 7 has an image burner built-in, but I use ImgBurn.

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              shooternz Level 6

              Thanx to you both... Bill and Colin


              Problem is I need to send this to someone that will not have the resource (utilities) or knowledge to be able to do anything but get it straight onto a disk.


              I need to make it as simple as possible for him.



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                Mortimer IOU Level 2

                What Colin said is the most straight-forward and easy way to do this,  with the least likelihood of problems with the resulting DVD.


                Your  friend (if on Win7) needs only insert the blank disc into the  burner, right-click and select "Burn iso to disk." Up comes the burn  wizard, and then select the iso file and "burn." Couldn't be easier.


                Or use the software suggested above, which will be almost as easy.