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    Please help-Trying to compress to Mpeg-2 for Convention, also resizing issues




      I just recently finished making an AMV in Adobe Premiere 5.5, and I am having trouble trying to figure out how to compress it into an Mpeg-2 source for a competition/convention.


      I also have these massive black borders on the side of my video that I know is probably due to improper resizing on my part, and although I have tried to remedy this with a new avisynth script of the exported uncompressed AVI (before compressing to MPEG-2), whenever I try to run the avisynth script in either VirtualDubMod or TMPGEnc (the converting program recommended by: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/guides/mpegforcons/) it crashes, although the original video does work.


      This is the avisynth script I have created for the post-video:



      FFVideoSource("C:\Users\Freeman\Desktop\Fight the Power.avi")

      FFCopyrightInfringement("C:\Users\Freeman\Desktop\Fight the Power.avi")







      per the recommendations from the guide listed below


      I do not know if the resizing I have set up in the new avisynth script will fix my resizing issues, and I would like to improve that as much as possible, so if someone could clarify for me, that would be greatly appreciated.


      You may also notice some audio issues throughout the video, however on further playback this never appears to happen in the same place. I believe this is caused by poor audio quality, and I have a friend of mine working on setting up a lossless source that I will try to recompress with the video before friday, however if someone else might know what is causing this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Here is the current MPEG-2 I have, however for obvious reasons, I do not consider it acceptable as of yet:




      The original export from Premiere is Microsoft AVI Uncompressed, and then attempted to convert to MPEG-2 (I tried multiple settings, they all have the same sizing issues), and as I said before, no matter what I try to do with the avisynth script, it crashes.


      I have even tried taking out every line from the new avisynth script except for the first two detailing the location of the video and audio, however this does nothing, it still crashes.


      I had to convert all my original source avisynth scripts to AVI files (that are massive, as I am editing from 52 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), and so editing the original scripts is impossible at this point, because to my knowledge, that would mean I would have to reconvert them all to AVI, which took over 16 hours, and then that would probably make me have to re-edit this entire video (which if you look at it, based on length and how much work I've put into it: is impossible, especially given the time constraints).


      So anything that I can do to fix this will have to be done to the export from Premiere, unless there is a way to work with the AVI's that I made from the avisynth scripts.


      The source is primarily 16:9 DVD (Fullmetal Alchemist) and very few parts from a 4:3 DVD (Naruto). (You can recognize these parts in the video, it is whenever someone is rowing in a boat during the lyrics "Row Row")


      The avisynth script for all the fullmetal alchemist DVD's is as follows:



      mpeg2source("F:\DVD RIPS\Music Video Rips\Brotherhood\Disc 1 (1-7)\MainMovie\FMA_BROTHERHOOD_P1_D1\FMAB 1-7.d2v", cpu=4)









      And the avisynth script for the one Naruto DVD is as follows:



      mpeg2source("F:\DVD RIPS\Music Video Rips\Random\Row Row\MainMovie\ROW ROW\VTS_01_1.d2v")




      Crop(0,78, 0,-78)




      These recommendations came from what I could figure out from:





      If anyone is curious, the song is "Libera me from Hell", and it is 44100 from what I could tell when I ran it in WINAMP (I converted it from mp3 to wav through WINAMP, if there is a better way that I am unaware of, please let me know).



      I know this is extremely long, and thank you anyone who has taken their time to look through it, it is greatly appreciated.



      The deadline for this is friday (5/20/11), so I need help with this ASAP and thanks,