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    Verity with categories problems


      I am using the categories feature of verity in ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 Cumulative Hot Fix 2.

      My test collection contains 77 documents
      Some documents have more than one category
      Categories are numbers, 1,2,3,etc

      When I do a search and specify the categories to search on it returns very few records (in this case 7) even when I specify all possible categories in the cfsearch tag. If I remove all categories from the cfsearch tag and run the same search I recieve 77 results.

      I have tried recreating the collection, purgeing it and repopulating, restarting the server with no effect.

      Any help you can provide would be apreciated.
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          Did you ever resolve this issue? If so, please let me know, I'm having the same problem with my collections.


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            MudockSR Level 1
            Not really,
            With all of the latest updates applied the categories appear to work fine, but now the problem I am having is that it refuses to index all of my documents.

            The other thing that I did since posting that last message was to reinstall Verity outside of the ColdFusion root. Search the Forums and I am sure that you can find instructions on that. (didn't help me though)
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              Rather than using categories try the following: create 3 separate collections then write some programming that searches the selected collection. If you need to see all at once, write code that appends all collections then searches all collections.
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                MudockSR Level 1
                Thanks for the suggestion but I am not sure that it would solve my issue. I have significatly more than 3 categories that I wish to index and they are all dynamically generated out of a database. While I could dynamically generate the collections I think the overhead of having that many might be to much.

                Any expirance with searching large numbers of collections?
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                  dawes4000 Level 1
                  I have searched 6 separate collections within cfsearch.
                  name = "Coll_Results"
                  collection = "#DocCollOne,DocCollTwo,DocCollThree,DocCollFour,DocCollFive,DocCollSix#"
                  criteria = "#Form.Criteria#">

                  Verity handles the comma delinated collections nicely. You can also cfsearch a collection of multiple collections.
                  I have not experienced the overhead that people are talking about. Im using Win2K , 2gig Ram, MX7 ver 7.0.1
                  (which contains Verity 5.5) with the Aprils Coldfusion Updater. Indexing directories of docs have the lowest overhead. Indexing DB tables Is memory intensive, basically a duplication of efforts, by gathering info in memory then indexing gathered info again in memory.
                  does have
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                    shloime11 Level 1

                    Very interesting idea! Is there any way to know from which collection each result is coming from? Using categories I was able to know which category this result was from by using #Category#. Is there anything like that for telling me from which collection it is coming from? I need to know that in order to create the right url link.