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    Please help with new 990x setup

    Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

      Hi All,


      Well after months of browsing this fantastic forum and deciding on the components (thanks to Harm/ Bill/ John and others advice, your support has been outstanding) I finally got the new 990x PC yesterday. Im excited but at the same time feel a little overwhelmed by the next steps in the process. I purchased CS5.5 production premium but havent loaded it yet because I want to first check with experienced forum members if im on the correct track with the way the system is presently set up. (I dont want to have to backtrack if the foundations are incorrect) . We cant wait to get started with editing but would rather take the time to build the system so that it performs with optimal stability and speed.





      The builder had very little knowlege of building a high spec machines (he supplies low spec PCs to dealers) and all he did was install the motherboard, RAM in triple channel mode,  power supply and graphics card  into the case, the OS, and he tried to configure a RAID 5 setup of 6 x 1t 7200 rpm SATA drives using the onboard RAID of the asus extreme iii. (I have ordered an intel big Laurel 8 channel hardware RAID card but unfortunately it will take a month to get the supplier, so as an interim measure I decided to use the RAID on the motherboard)


      Please could someone assist me with the following: (Just a reminder Im not too tech savy so Ill have to take it one step at a time)


      1) My initial impressions are that the system feels sluggish and lags in response. I dont know if this is normal but with 24G Ram, 990x, and velocoraptor 10K rpm for dedicated for OS only I anticipated a faster feel. Could this be due to incomplete setup in BIOS?. Can you please help me go through the BIOS to enable/ disable the correct features?


      2) Do  all the relevant drivers seem to be loaded?


      3) I have tried updating the BIOS using the Bios update utility supplied with the DVD that came with the motherboard but it claims that it cant connect to the server. (I have saved the origional version on a flash drive using the same utility). Is this an important step? The present BIOS version is 1102 date 09/23/2010


      4) I have updated the and registered windows 7 64bit online. every time I log on it wants to add a new update though, how important is this?

      5) Is the RAID 5 setup and configured correctly in both a) Windows 7 b) BIOS (Please see the screenshot below).


      6) Im not sure if this is related to my previous point but on the tsak bar there is a continuous message that " a volume initialization is in progress" the hard drive light seems


      7) As of writing this a message just came up that a Raid volume has failed. What can I do now?


      Here are the specs of the system and following this will be the test results that i saved from two of the applications that Harm suggested. (im hoping that it will provide clues to assist in providing answers to the above questions)



      CASECoolermaster HAF-X
      PSUCoolermaster 1000w Silent power pro gold
      Motherboard Asus Intel X58 Rampage III EX
      CPUCpu 990x core i7 3.46 ghz 12mb cache
      RAM24 GB of ME-C4G3G20F9X3 CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 domGt c9+Fan Corsair Dominator GT
      Graphics CardPalit GTX-580/ 3Gvram
      HDD1 x HDD210 Western Digital 600GB Velociratpor for OS
      8 x 1 T Seagate 32Mb cache hard drives (RAID 5) 7200rpm @R463 each
      Operating SystemWindows 7 Professional 64Bit
      Blue Ray Drive12 Speed Liteon blue Ray writer
      RAID CARDRS2 BL080 (big Laurel 8)




      Caches.PNG CPU.PNG




      volume initialization in progress.PNG

      volume initialization in progress 2.PNG

      Raid Volume has failed.PNG

      Performance test 7 results.PNG


      Thank you so much .

      Kind regards

      Anthony Freeman


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          Daxman1965 Level 1

          Hi Anthony,


          it looks like the multiplier is set too low.133.5 x 12= 1602MHZ. your cpu is running at less than half speed. It should be around x26 at stock speed and your graphics card shows it has only 1 gig memory, I think it should be 3072 if you have the 3gig card



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            Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

            Hi Darren,


            I hope that you are well. Thanks for that. How do i go about accessing the multiplier to change the cpu speed? How do I change the graphics card RAM? is there another screen or settings page where i can confirm these settings?


            Im hoping others will also give their responses as to the RAID and other questions and Ill try and deal with it all once I have the info collated. any other tips will be appreciated.


            Kind regards


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              RjL190365 Level 5

              Actually, Anthony, that is Intel's Enhanced SpeedStep at work there. The feature allows the CPU to throttle back the multiplier when little to no load is being applied to the CPU (in other words, idling). In order to disable the throttle-down and force the CPU to operate at its maximum multiplier at all times, you will need to disable all of the power-saving C-states in the BIOS. And if you want to use the maximum Turbo multiplier, some motherboards require that you leave both EIST and Turbo Boost enabled.

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                Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                Hi Rj,


                So do you recommend leaving "Intel's Enhanced SpeedStep " set as it is for operation with CS5.5?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  I agree with Darren that something weird is going on with your video card. It should show 1536 MB for the normal version or 3072 for the 3 GB version.


                  I do not agree with Darren about the CPU however, because a 12 x multiplier is the base multiplier for the 970 with Speed Step enabled and will scale up to 24 x under load, giving you the stock speed of 3.2 GHz.


                  I think you best change the disk on port 4 under warranty for another one, because this one shows all the signs of a troublesome one. However, keep in mind that next month when your raid controller arrives, you need to initialize and format the raid again and all your data you accumulate in the meantime will be lost, unless you have a backup.


                  The sluggish performance has two causes:


                  1. The current raid5 is sluggish at best, because it is a software raid, and

                  2. The raid is degraded because of the problems with the disk on port 4.


                  A long time ago I did the Passmark test on my i7-920 with 12 GB memory and an ATI 4870 video card, but overclocked to 4.2 GHz. These were the results:




                  Striking differences are Disk Mark and to a lesser degree the CD Mark. Of course your CPU mark is better, because of the hexa cores and the larger L3 cache, and the power of the 580 shows in the 3D Graphics Mark. The 2D Graphics Mark is pretty disappointing.


                  You could try GPU-Z (notice the letter G instead of the C) to see if all the memory on the 580 is properly identified. If it still is not recognized, check carefully that both power connections are properly seated. If that is the case, I would contact the vendor for an exchange.


                  I would visit the Asus website and check if a newer BIOS is avaiable.

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                    RjL190365 Level 5

                    It depends on the motherboard, Anthony. I do not know the BIOS on the Rampage III Extreme, so I will have to download its user manual.


                    But yes, if you want to force full-speed CPU operation full-time, you will simply have to disable all of the CPU C-states (C1, C3, etc.) in the BIOS.


                    And I should have clarifed something about SpeedStep and Turbo Boost in my last post: I should have stated that on some motherboards, turning off EIST will also disable Turbo Boost. That would lock the CPU multiplier to its stock non-Turbo setting.

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                      Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                      Hi Harm, thank you.


                      Regarding the sluggish feel. It was like that before one the drive failed. I will replace it with a new (as i bought two spare). In the Bios:


                      1) I changed the "2D performance Booster" from disabled to enabled.

                      2) Extreme AI overclock Tuner was on "Manual" i changed to "Auto"

                      3) Changed CPU turbo power limit from "disabled" to "enabled"


                      I will download GPU-Z and try it.


                      Is there away for me to try to send you pics of each of my BIOS screens so that you can have a look to see if there is anything that needs changing. I tried to take pics with my digital camera but they seem to take quiet long to load into the forum page and I dont want to affect the page download for you and others viewing this page?

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        Anthony, check your PM. Under the button Your Stuff.

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                          Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                          Rj  thank you.


                          Would it be possible for you to have a look at the manual. I would very much like to know if it is recommended to force CPU to full speed.


                          I have since replaced the failed drive with a new one, but it when I rebooted it did not want to see the new drive as part of the RAID. Could you explain how do I proceed from here in order to make the new drive part of the array please?


                          Would you agree with the changes that i made in the BIOS in the last post?  I will send a screen shot shortly of the GPU-Z info.

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                            Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                            Hi All,


                            Here are the results from the GPU-Z as per Harms suggestion: Would you say that the graphics card is fine based on this?





                            GPU-Z graphics card spec 2.PNGGPU-Z graphics card spec.PNG

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              GPU-Z correctly identified the memory, so I think that the CPU-Z info is misleading and your video card ought to be fine. Version 1.57 may not have been updated to recognize the 3 GB models just yet.

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                                Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                                Great thats a relief to know. Now its just to sort out the RAID and BIOS. I did spot something with the system RAM can you please tell me if this is normal. I was under the impression that the24 G Corsair Dominator GT RAM that I purchased was 2000Mhz, but it seems from this that it is running at a much lower speed. Am I correct?


                                Speccy DRAM.PNG

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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                                  You are correct. It is by default running @1066, the standard for the X58 platform.


                                  The easiest way - unless you want to get into serious overclocking - is to increase your BCLK setting in the BIOS. You can use 2:10 memory timings since the 990X is unlocked, which will up your memory to 1333 or even higher. If you increase your BCLK to say 150, your CPU will run at 3.6 GHz and your memory at 1800. Just check your BIOS for options.

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                                    Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                                    Hi Harm,


                                    I tried moving the BCLK slider up to 140 in the following application provided by asus (its easier than in the BIOS) and the CPU went up from about 3450mhz to 3780mhz. The DRAM only went up to 562.  I dont think im understanding what you mean by 2:10 mermory timings and getting the memory up to 1800, becuase it seems that i would need to increase BCLK to much higher than it is in order to get the DRAM from 562 to 1800? Shall I try push the BCLK up higher to 150 (is it safe?)



                                    OC to 140BCLK.PNG




                                    Below is the result of moving the BCLK slider from 130 to 140. It only moved to 562 Mhz ? Please can you explain how one gets this figure to be in the range of 1800mhz to 2000mhz


                                    DRAM OC to 140 BCLK.PNG

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                                      RjL190365 Level 5

                                      Actually, Anthony, the reported memory speed is the true memory clock speed. The "1800" refers to the effective memory speed.


                                      And the default memory multiplier on the LGA 1366 platform is 2:8. Your 562MHz memory clock speed is actually DDR3-1125 or so. To get DDR3-1800, you will need to adjust the settings so that the actual memory clock speed reads around 900MHz.

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                                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                                        The DRAM timings are by default on 2:8 ratio, but in the BIOS you can set the ratio to 2:10, or even higher. if you want to.


                                        First of all, you probably should decrease your DDR voltage to around 1.50V. For explanation purposes, let's leave the BCLK at 140 for the time being.


                                        Second, with the speed shown as 562, you effectively have the memory running at 2 x 562 = DDR3-1124. That is why your timings are at 7-7-7-20. Due to the Speed Step technology, there are slight roundings in these data.


                                        If you set the memory ratio in the BIOS to 2:10 (look at the options available in the BIOS) then you would have the memory run at DDR-1680, but that will also entail different timings, presumably 9-9-9-24.


                                        For some background info, look here: Adobe Forums: Overclocking the i7, a beginners guide

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                                          Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                                          Ok great. Thanks Rj.


                                          I will need to test some of the above to get the memory up to 1800 mhz. Do you think it safe if my CPU goes up to 4500MHZ by using the BCLK slider?


                                          Its s steep learning curve for me, but im enjoying the process. I cant say the same for my wife and kids though. Id better sign off now we have a shoot very early in the morning.


                                          Thanks Harm, Rj and Darren for contributing today youv'e been great. Will touch base tommorrow afternoon when I get back.



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                                            RjL190365 Level 5

                                            You could get your CPU to 4.5GHz, but then your CPU cooler might not be up to the task. The higher you overclock the CPU, the stronger and more expensive the CPU cooler you'll need.

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                                              Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                                              Hi Harm,  Rj, and Darren I hope that you are well.


                                              Based on the spec of my machine in the above table, will it make any differrence if I setup the 6 x 1T 7200 rpm sata drives as normal drives in CS% as opposed to setting them up with the software RAID. I am having such problems with it? Can I do this and wait for the RAID card to arrive in a months time from the supplier?


                                              Is there a significant speed differrence between the porperly functioning software raid and the individual sata drive?


                                              I need to edit lets say 8 channels of avchd , 3hrs in length multicam footage. (this is an absolute worstcase scenario), on most occasions only 5 channels tracks of video?


                                              kind regards


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                                                Daxman1965 Level 1

                                                Hi Anthony,


                                                IMO if you use 6 x 1tb drives on a software raid set up you will get +- 450mb/s if you use 6 x 1 tb drives (as 6 drives) you will get 80 to 100mb/s on each and if you use the Intel raid card you should get around 600mb/s and +- 750 to 800mb/s with 8 drives. I don't think a 1 tb drive on its own will do the job with AVCHD. I think the settings in your Bios are the reason for you having problems and hopefully Harm or RJ can tell what the settings must be. When you say 5 (channels) layers is this picture in picture or just 5 layers on top of each other and what type of effects do you use.



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                                                  Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                                                  Hi Darren,


                                                  Thanks. Ive been getting 70 to 80 mb/s on the raid. When i set up the array in the BIOS and boot into windows it comes up with the message aobut the drive needing "initialization" It wants to take between 20 to 30 hours to do this.


                                                  After about 9 hours it comes up with an error on one of the drives saying that the drive has failed. This has happened twice now, so I decided to try without raid.


                                                  Im going to start a new thread for help on this in the interim because I have loaded CS5.5 now and am getting a sluggish response when clicking on a single avchd track of footage in the timeline. (my old pentium 3 with the matrox card seems far more responsive than the new 990x with 580 3G ram).


                                                  maybe my disks are set up incorrectly?


                                                  Thanks for the input

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                                                    RjL190365 Level 5



                                                    I think you are using drives that are not suitable at all for a RAID 5 array. These desktop hard drives do not have ERC support at all, and thus should not be used in a parity RAID such as RAID 5.


                                                    Also, RAID 5 on the onboard Intel SATA controller is itself slow as molasses: Not only does the CPU utilization increase to about 10 percent (versus about 1 to 2 percent with a discrete hardware RAID card), but there is way too much switching back and forth within the ICH10R that controls the onboard RAID. This back-and-forth switching increases the overall latency by an astronomical amount. I tested my particular system using the PPBM5 benchmark, and (even with proper enterprise drives) my disk performance times skyrocketed from about 65 seconds with a two-disk RAID 0 to about 480 seconds with a four-disk RAID 5. That's more than a seven-fold increase in time, which means that the four-disk RAID 5 on the onboard Intel RAID is over seven times slower than a two-disk RAID 0 on that same controller.


                                                    For the record, I also tested the same system with the same four disks in RAID 0, and again with the same four disks in RAID 10. Both of those setups produced the same results as the two-disk RAID 0 in the PPBM5 AVI benchmark, meaning that the disk access speed is the limiting factor. Tested in PPBM5 as individual disks, this access speed limitation is also the reason why the Samsung F3 1TB does not perform appreciably faster than the Seagate 7200.12 ST31000528AS despite their differing sequential transfer speeds (since both of those drives have a random access time of around 14 ms). And both of those drives fall in between the original 1TB WD Caviar Black and a newer-design 2TB Caviar Black in terms of PPBM5 AVI disk performance (the 1TB black has a quicker access speed than either the Samsung or the Seagate drive but is held back by its slower sequential transfer speed due to its lower areal density, while the 2TB Black has a combination of a relatively high sequential transfer speed and a relatively fast random access speed).

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                                                      Daxman1965 Level 1

                                                      Hi Anthony,


                                                      i think try what RJ says. try a raid O 4 disk setup and use the other two drives as a backup system once you have loaded the project contents for safety.



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                                                        Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                                                        Rj Thank you very much for this. Do you anticipate that this will affect the sluggish timeline response for AVCHD (please see my post today in the Hardware forum)?