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    Reader X stops working after closing PDF file

    Yzorderrex Level 1

      We have a small problem on our businesscompany with Reader X.


      When a user opens up a PDF file (windows XP sp3) it opens ok and everything seems to be fine. After reading the user closes it. But when a user wants to open up a new PDF file, nothing happens. We have to open up the taskmanager and have to close a few AcroRD32.exe tasks and after that it works again.


      We have to delete a registry key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader to let it work again, but a few days later the problem is back.


      We have a huge company (2000+ users and 10000 students) and the probem is getting bigger and bigger. First there were a few people, but it is growing rapidly. So i hope you can help us. Most users (98%) dont have Acrobat Pro on it. Also no traces of old versions.


      Anyone has an idea?

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          Yzorderrex Level 1

          Anyone from Adobe who can check this out? The problem is getting bigger at the moment and the helpdesk is only busy with the workaround.

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            dave_m_k Adobe Employee

            Good day,


            Couple of questions that may help us in finding a solution for you:


            • What is the exact version of Reader you have installed?
            • Does the issue occur when users with administrative rights are logged into the computer?
            • Did this just start happening? 
            • How long has this behavior been occuring?
            • Are these PDF files being opened through a browser window? If so, what browser?
            • Does the process hang every time or is this issue intermittant?
            • Can you check a few of the documents your users are opening?  Specifically, choose File > Document Properties and share both the PDF Producer and PDF Version.




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