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    Problem Converting to CMYK


      I have been using Photoshop for several years and have never, ever had this issue come up.  In fact, I'm sure it's just something I did on accident in some kind of settings and can't find again.  When I attempt to convert any other type (rgb, grayscale, index, etc) to cmyk the image disappears.  If I drag or copy an image from an rgb to a cmyk I have open it shows up as a white square.  I'm sure someone out there has had this problem before, it seems so strange and accidental.  If anyone can help me out on finding what it is I clicked and didn't mean to that would be awesome.



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          RASouthworth Level 3

          You don't include much detail, but if you are using Image > Mode to change to CMYK, it will pick up the default CMYK profile specified in Color Settings.  If it's not a legitimate CMYK profile, then may be the cause of your problem.


          If it's not this simple, more info as to your system, configuration, settings, etc. might help.


          Richard Southworth

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            TerraAustralis Level 1

            Does this happen with one specific image file or does it apply to all image files in your library? I have never experienced anything such as you describe  but it sounds more like a bad image file not a Photoshop glitch. Give details of your file type and the steps you made and someone may be able to help you.