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    Adobe 9 Pro OCR issue

    DMonks1890 Level 1

      I have been running into a constant issue with using the OCR feature in Adobe Pro 9. When opening a document to use OCR to convert the file to a .doc file, I get an error every time I try. I have tried:


      • Saving the file to the desktop and opening the file from there.
      • Starting Adobe Acrobat first then opening the file through Adobe.


      Both methods give me the following error:


      "Acrobat could not perform recognition (OCR) on this page because: This page contains renderable text.


      This page has graphics other than images or text in it and cannot be captured."


      There are no images in the file. There is only text.


      Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.



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          Bill@VT Level 7

          If there are no images and only text, then what are you wanting to do. OCR is a process of extracting text from images. Thus there is nothing to be done and the message is giving you an appropriate comment. OCR in Acrobat will only run on pages that are a pure image. It will convert that image to text, depending on the type of OCR that has been selected (Clearscan, Searchable Text - exact or simplify graphics).

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            DMonks1890 Level 1

            I believe the files were scanned documents printed to PDF, so at one point they were images. I need to be able to edit the text in the PDF file. Is this something that can be accomplished through OCR?

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              CtDave Level 6

              With Acrobat 9 Pro you could use ClearScan.

              As with renderable characters on a PDF page, ClearScan output can undergo minor edits.


              Use Examine Document to remove any previous OCR layer provided by Searchable Image or Searchable Image (Exact).

              There is no practical way to "edit" the OCR output of either within PDF. Exporting to a text file gives you something to work on.

              However, it may not go quickly or gracefully.


              Use "working" copies (of the ClearScan PDF(s) as you practice.

              For lengthy documents you might find changing the Acrobat generated font associated with ClearScan to something else that is available on the local machine.


              Remember -

              PDF is not a "word processing" format. Never has been & won't be (its now an ISO Standard).

              It does not support editing such as can be done with a word processor or page layout application.


              Be well...