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    Adobe Reader X print and Acrobat error problems


      Reader X problems:

      printed documents look weird - the text is altered - it's deformed, and very hard to read.  If I print through my old-but-trusty Adobe Pro 6 everything is fine -

      which leads me to the second problem: since downloading X, I can no longer open a pdf file in Acrobat unless I open it from within Acrobat (I used to be able to open a file as long as Acrobat was open, but did not have to open from within the program window), and when I open Acrobat I get the following error message "there was an error while loading the plug-in "HTML2PDF.api". The plug-in failed to initialize" during the opening sequence, and have to click on the "OK" button for initialization to continue.  Any assistance with fixes would be much appreciated!