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    Tricky - PDF file not Opening from Web Browser based application


      Hi Guys,


      Just a brief history about the issue:


      At my client site everything was fine when IE7 was there and everybody were able to open PDF files from web applications in browsers. But after a IE8 upgrade, things changed and customers are facing problems. All are Windows XP SP3 machines


      Issue: If they try to open a pdf file from the browser it just stucks at 0% and hangs with "Cancel" button. Even if they try to save that file it tell downloading and hangs again in the screen without downloading the file.


      Initial fix:


      Open Adobe Reader
      -> select the menu "Edit"
      -> select "Preferences"
      -> select the Category "Internet"
      -> set the indicator "Display PDF in browser"

      -> Reboot the machine


      This fix worrked for some people but many user are still experiencing the same thing even after changing the setting many times.


      Friends, Is there anything else might be creating the trouble here. Please let me know, and why it is that for some systems it is working and for it is not ?