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    Opening a PDF URL in Adobe Reader


      Hello All,


      I have a query, we use SharePoint 2010 and I've read and followed the Adobe article on how to integrate SharePoint 2010 with Adobe Reader X so that the PDF's held within a document library open within Adobe Reader X and checks out in SharePoint, etc.. This works great.


      However, what I want to do is navigate to the URL within the document library, i.e. http://sharepoint/doclibrary/document.pdf and have it open within Adobe Reader (like it does when you open it from the document library, so it prompts you to check it out and then save it back).


      What it seems to do is prompt me to download the file..


      Can anyone help? I'm sure i'll need to wrap the URL in some syntax, but I have no idea! Any help is always appreciated!


      Kind Regards,