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    Arranging third party VST plugins in categories


      I have been using AA 3 for quite some time, and I am really happy with it.

      I have come to wonder why Audition doesn't allow the user to categorize user installed third party VST plugins in categories the same way the built in effects in AA are.

      My problem is that i do use Audition both for sound restoration, music production, voice overs, and other things, and I have over the years built up a considerable library of VST plugins I like and use. When I load these plugins to Audition, many of them just show up in the Effects menu under VST, which for me is really annoying, since there are quite a bit. Despite that, I notice the plugins from Waves or Softube usually end up in sub-menus.

      As an example, I maybe want to have three main categories or folders called Music, Restoration and Speech or something like that. In each of those folders I would like to group the effects into sub-folders like Dynamics and Compression, Reverb, and so on, like the built in plugins. I would like to name the folders my self.

      I have not found any evidence that this possibility exist in CS5.5 either, though I haven't tried it yet.


      Am I really the only one who could use this function in AA, which is by the way my favourite DAW.