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    Authorisation failure

    babs henley

      Can you help me please

      I have just purchases a new tablet pc (MID tablet using Android 2.2) for my mother to download library books using an app called "Overdrive Media Console". Within the settings of the app I need to authorize my Adobe id. I already have and an ID working on another tablet so I deauthorized on My tablet and used that on the new one which failed with an error of -

      " E_ADAPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED (error code 2004)"


      I then tried to create a new ID on the new tablet this also failed with an error of " E_AUTH_FAILED (error code 2003)"


      In both cases there was a good internet connection (via wi-fi)


      Could anyone help with the above problem


      Thanks Alan


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          I am having exactly the same error with my Galaxy Tab. I'm using WiFi and have checked the date, time and time zone as suggested for other phones, but I'm still getting the same error:-


          Error activating the device with adobe e_adept_request_expired (error code 2004)


          Anybody found a solution yet?




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            I realize that this is an old post, but I thought I'd share one possibility.  I helped someone with a Galaxy Tab that was having the same issue, and it turned out that they had the time zone set incorrectly on their tablet settings.  I've also heard of this happening to people with the iPad.  Worth a shot at any rate!  Hope this helps someone.


            See http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/403/kb403936.html for more info.