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    Premiere Pro CS5 Not Responding (Freezing) When Working With Other Programs

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      I have a performance issue with Premiere Pro 5.0.3 version. When I have the program open and bounce to another program or Windows Explorer window lets say to drag in an asset such as a music or video file and then when I make the Premiere window active the program does not respond for a good 15 seconds, then after some processing (you see the mouse icon change and hear the hard drive chugging), I am able to again work. This is happening every time I switch windows to work on something else. Even if I just click away to another window and click right back without doing anything else, it does this non responding action. It even says it in the title bar (Not responding). I am wasting so much time waiting for the program to respond.



      My system :

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      Intel Core i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80 GHz

      8.00 GB of RAM

      Quadra 5800 Nvidia graphics card

      Drobo Pro 24 TB drive (where my project files, music & video files live) connected via iSCUSI

      Sonnet 4 TB raid drive (scratch disc) connect via ESATA

      Dual Monitors


      Please help!



      ~ Doug