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    Word 2007 file not displaying from CHM file link


      Hello all!  I took the time to search around the forum before posting this, so I hope I didn't miss the answer somewhere.


      I'm using RH 8, working on a Policy and Procedure manual, resulting in a CHM file.  I've worked in earlier versions of RH with the same issues as everyone else (network deployment is a no-no, etc.), but this is the first time that I've had an issue with a linked-to Word file (linked as a "Link To File" link from within the project).


      When navigating through the CHM file on a local drive, and upon clicking on a link to a Word file, I get this warning dialog box:




      If you were to click "Open", you get a few-second delay (as if Word were opening), but then nothing happens.  The Word file does not open.  I believe the issue is with Office 2007.  I tested this exact same CHM file on a PC running an older version of Office, and the Word file opens without issue.


      Has anyone seen this type of behavior?  Is there a RH 8-based solution?


      Thanks for any help you can give!