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    ADE insists on making another My Documents folder on my machine


      I have to have Adobe Digital Editions to download e-books from my local library system. However, the program is doing something that is driving me crazy. It insists on making a new My Documents folder (with a My Digital Editions subfolder) when it installs. It is very confusing to have two My Documents folders on my desktop. I tried moving the My Digital Editions folder to the My Documents of my choice, uninstalling and then reinstalling the program, but ADE keeps recreating a second My Documents folder.


      Is there any way to install ADE without this annoying duplication??


      I have read the thread about how the program does not let you move the My Digital Editions folder and I echo the sentiments of all of the users who said that ADE should let the *user* dictate where his/her e-books are stored, not the program. I am using ADE on a Windows 7 64 bit system.