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    Underlining in links after going to RH9


      We recently went from RH7 to RH9 and are having troubles with underlines in our hyperlinks.  Our standard is to call all windows in our program pages.  So when we do a link to a window topic, the standard is to have the name of the window in bold followed by the word page.  For example, a link to the worklist topic would be named as follows: Worklist page.  After upgrading to RH9, there is now an underscore in between the window name and page: e.g. Worklist_page.  Nothing else has changed.  I open an old copy of a project in RH7 and the underlines are not there.  I open the upgraded project in RH9 and they are.


      I looked at the html, and it is like this in RH7.


      <p>Select the <span style="font-weight: bold;">History</span> view tab
      on the <a href="Worklist_Page.htm" target=_blank><span class=SecondaryLink
      style="font-weight: bold;">Worklist</span><span class=SecondaryLink> page</span></a>.</p>



      This is RH9.


      <p>Select the <span style="font-weight: bold;">History</span> view tab
      on the <a href="Worklist_Page.htm" target="_blank"><span class="SecondaryLink"
                      style="font-weight: bold;">Worklist
      </span><span class="SecondaryLink">page</span></a>.</p>


      I really know very little about HTML, so I can't tell if anything in here would cause this problem.  I immediately notice that the span class is in quotes in RH9 and it wasn't in RH7, but would that cause this?  I tried removing the quotes and saving the page, but whenever I do that RH adds the quotes back in.


      I checked the CSS file for the SecondaryLink style, and this is what's there.


      span.SecondaryLink {
      text-decoration: none;


      Shouldn't that text-decoration tag turn off any underlining?  Anyway, if anyone has ideas that would be great.  I know I can add a text-decoration tag to the link and turn it off, but we don't want to do that to each link.  We would rather try to fix it in the style.





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          Amebr Level 4

          In the RH7 code, the space is part of the 'page' span tag, while in the RH9 code it is part of the 'worklist' span tag.



          <span class=SecondaryLink>(space here)page</span>



          <span class="SecondaryLink" style="font-weight: bold;">Worklist(space here)</span>

          I don't know why it would have changed, but it explains the underline you're seeing.


          As for a fix, it might be possible to do a search and replace. I'm unsure if Find: ' </span>' Replace: '</span>' would be suitable. You'd have to some testing to make sure it didn't replace occurrences of space-span that shouldn't be changed. Or if you have someone good with regular expressions they might be able to figure out a good search formula, and use and a tool that will search across multiple text files (not the one bundled with RH, unless it's greatly improved in RH9, which I don't remember seeing mentioned as a feature). FAR (helpware.net)  can do that I believe  or TextCrawler or you might already have a tool in-house.




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            Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



            The underscore you are seeing is not an underscore, but a style applied by the hyperlink. Hyperlinks are underlined by default and afaik, you cannot overrule the underline of a hyperlink in spans nested inside the list.


            The text-decoration you provided in the style sheet stops the span elements to be underlined, but the hyperlink itself is still underlined. If you want to stop that, you need to amend the style of the hyperlink.


            About the quotes: RoboHelp 9 uses XHTML, which has a much stricter syntax than the HTML used in RoboHelp 7. In XHTML all attribute values need to be enclosed in quotes. This has nothing to do with the styling.