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      I am using the NumericStepper from the components library. I have the "maximum" set to "5",
      the "minimum" set to "1", the "step size" set to "1" and the "value" set to "1".

      The user can select between "1" and "5". I am using the stepper to select the quantity of an item.
      when the user clicks a button, I want the value of the stepper to be placed in a Blank field named
      "qty1". I have the following placed at the end of a script attached to my button:

      put member("NumericStepper").Value into field "qty1"

      This works fine if the selection of the numericstepper is "1", but if the user selects "2", "3", "4" or "5",
      I still get a value of "1" in my "qty1" field.

      If anyone can give advise/help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.