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    URL links to individual topics.


      As many, if not most, know, the standard RoboHelp WebHelp output consists of a couple of HTML pages containing framesets, which eventually end up creating three frames in a browser. The top frame is the banner, etc., the left pane is the table of contents, and the right frame contains the actual content of the topic selected in the left pane.


      I find myself needing to link to my policy manual, and to a specific topic therein. In other words, I need a URL that says, in essence, "Load the main topic page with the framesets, tell the TOC frame to select a specific topic, and then display that topic."


      I'm hoping there's some sort of query string I can use to get this effect. Before I start reverse engineering Adobe's JavaScript I thought I'd see if anyone here knows how to accomplish this off the top of their heads.




      Thx in advance.