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    Help Deploying app on server

      I have gotten my first application running on my local machine. I am attempting to deploy to our website. I cannot get the application to connect to the Red5 application I have installed on my server. I am looking for any debug tools that will help me determine why I cannot connect from the users flash to the Red5 server. I deployed Red5 in the directory that hosts my website. I then use the name of the website as the location of the server for the connection. It does not connect.

      I am looking for anything that will help me determine what is going wrong. Of course, if you have a direct suggestion that would be greatly appreciated.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Ensure the -use-network compiler option is set to true.

          While developing in Flex Builder, -use-network might not matter, or it might be set to false by default, but when the app is uploaded to the server, it must have been compiled with -use-network="true".

          -use-network="true" specifies that the current application uses network services. The default value is true.

          When the use-network property is set to false, the application can access the local filesystem (for example, use the XML.load() method with file: URLs) but not network services. In most circumstances, the value of this property should be true.

          For more information about the use-network property, see Applying Flex Security.