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    Reducing your file size 5x

    lliu1979 Level 1

      Okay I have an exported video HD 1080 mpeg format, almost 6 minutes long, and it's at 1.04G.  My goal is to export it again and make it no larger than 200MB (need to upload it to a fundraiser site and that's their file size limit). I can't see any way to tell how large a file will turn out to be during export, so if anyone has recommendations on settings and formats I should go with, so that I can retain maximum quality without exceeding 200MB, please let me know. Thanks!

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          200MB for 6 minutes is about 33MB (megabytes) per minute, or 0.55MB per second. Typically, video bit rate is expressed in "bits per second," whether it's kilobits or megabits. With 0.55MB per second required, that comes out to about 4.4Mbps (megabits per second). Expressed as Kbps, that would be about 4500Kbps. Of course, that's just video, so you'd have to factor in audio as well, but that's a much smaller slice of the pie.


          Exporting at ~4500Kbps for 1080p video is not going to provide a lot of flexibility; your best shot is going to be to use H.264 with 2-pass encoding. Even then, the encoder built into Premiere is just not that great, so it's going to be tough especially if your video has a lot of motion. If you don't have to export in 1080p, and you can use a smaller frame size, that will let you spread the bits out quite a bit more and will give a better looking encode.

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            lliu1979 Level 1

            Yeah it doesn't have to stay in 1080. Hopefully I won't have to reduce it to anything less than 720. Thanks for the info!

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Encoding at 720p at that bitrate should be doable. Just do some 20-30 second encoding tests of the various sections of your sequence instead of spending a lot of time encoding the whole thing. There are several 720p format presets in the H.264 category that would be good starting points; the YouTube 720p HD preset would be OK, but be sure to set the bit rate correctly (I think it defaults to something like 8-10Mbps).

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                lliu1979 Level 1

                Okay I exported 30 seconds of the video on H.264, 720p, at 256 kbps (max 5 mbps) and it came out to be 15.4MB which at a total of 6 mins for the full video, will remain under 200MB. Exporting the full video now!  Appreciate the help!