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    RH9 - Can not create ANY links in linked Word documents ;-(

    wasatech Level 1

      Ok, this does not make sense:


      - From RH9, create a fresh empty project


      - Create two word files "Topic1.docx" and "Topic2.docx"


      - Put "Link Here" in each document


      - Save the documents


      - From Project Manager, Project Files, link both documents, generate, update all, etc.


      - Now create hyperlinks in each topic, pointing to the other topic using default topic editor in RH9


      - Save All and Generate the WebHelp project and test the links are there and work.


      - Now open and edit both word documents in word. Add some text to each and save


      - In RH9 Project Manager, Project files, Update All and open the topics in RH9 default editor


      Walla, the full text is there, the LINKS are gone. Actually, I understand that this is how it works, but the BIG problem is that links to bookmarks, other topics, links to outside resources created in RH9 Default Editor cannot be preserved when the related/linked document is edited in Word. AND, you cannot create ANY of these links in the Word documents. So, you have a help system that has really nice update features when an author makes a change to a document, but NO LINKS. Updating a linked document will DELETE ANY changes made within the RH9 Default Editor.


      Does this make any sense? Has my brain fallen down? Is there another workflow option?


      Thanks for any help



      Hummmmm, NO POPUPs, mini TOCs or See Also Keywords, Link Controls, etc. etc. etc.