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    Last Pixel on Movie-Edge is Funny Transparent

    AtonMusic Level 2



      After converting a MOV to a TIFF Sequence I am getting those STRANGE last-edge-half-alpha pixels.


      Please take a look at this here image:


      It displays a (from right to left) a RED AE Background. Then comes my movie. Note  how that first pixel row is only half as opaque as the rest of the pixels.

      If I duplicate the layer 5 times I can get rid of it.


      Does anyone know where that is coming from !!!


      Thanks in advance


      PS - THIS applies to ALL 4 outer pixel rows of the movie...



      Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 4.26.12 AM.png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Rows or columns? Your sample shows columns. This could be explained if the comp is rectangular pixels. More detail about the project would help trace the problem.

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            AtonMusic Level 2

            Hi Rick,


            thanks for writing !


            This problem is deriving from sub-pixel positioning. Meaning that if i.e. the anchor point is set to any value which is not a full pixel,

            i.e. "960.3" - the outer rims of the image are looking that way.


            Is there any way, aside from sticking to whole pixel-values, to remedy this issue!


            I am motion-tracking the footage and sticking to whole-pixel-positioning wont yield a perfect result.

            After motion-tracking and then stabilization I am, of course, winding up with cut edges and since I dont wanna scale the footage, I dup. the current footage

            and move the dup. back or 4wards in time by one or two frames to cover the gaps. That is where this edge becomes really annoying !



            My Project:


            Footage = 19208x1080(p), 29.97, H264 Canon5DMKII converted to a TIFF Sequence.

            Pixels are set to Square which is the way they came off the H264 Footage!

            The project is set accordingly.


            Perhaps I was unclear pertaining to rows:columns;

            Basically, what is happening is that the outer rim pixel on all four edges is half opaque.

            I am including a screenshot of the upper left corner.


            Thanks for any help !

            Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 1.45.18 PM.png

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              AtonMusic Level 2



              THe problem is 100% Sub-Pixeling !


              My mistake for NOT reading the F++++ Manual