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    Playback very jerky at 720p

    3lliot Level 1

      I've got a short animation at 720p - not much going on, just some symbols moving around the screen - but playback in flash player is jerky (more flashy, actually) - not smooth at all.


      I've got the latest video drivers for my card, running a dual-core 2.4GHz with 6GB of RAM - my CPU meter says it's having no trouble playing the flash.


      The video card is an Nvidia quadro NVS 285 (pretty old & crap, but should have no problems).


      I don't suppose anyone has got any ideas...?


      I am using FlashEff2 for an effect but the entire animation is jerky, not just the bit with the FlashEff.


      I would post the fla but I can't see any way to do that on this forum - if anyone would like to see the source, please email me at elliot dot sumner at gmail dot com.

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          3lliot Level 1

          update - I just created a tiny little flash animation with a grey square moving across the screen over 30 frames, at 30fps, and the published swf is also really choppy it's flashing at what looks like about 15fps. same thing on a colleague's machine.


          so it looks like flash isn't rendering the swf properly. could this be the case?