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    line with a arrow

    A.kameshwaran Level 1

      Hi All,

           I want to draw multiple line with a arrow.  Please guide me how can i do it by code dynamically. exactly as below.




      Kameshwaran A.

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          create an empty symbol


          put this code in it.






          //***** Set some opening parameters


          onClipEvent (load) {


          //Make original line invisible


          _root.line._visible = 0;


          //Initiate some variables


          number_lines = 0;


          line_active = 0;




          //***** Every time the mouse button is released...


          onClipEvent (mouseUp) {


          //Get the position of the mouse


          origin_x = _xmouse;


          origin_y = _ymouse;


          //Increase the number of lines by one




          //Generate a new line name


          name = "line"+number_lines;


          //Duplicate a new line


          _root.line.duplicateMovieClip(name, number_lines);


          //Position the line's end point at mouse position


          _root[name]._x = origin_x;


          _root[name]._y = origin_y;


          //Update line length / orientation


          _root[name]._xscale = _root._xmouse-origin_x;


          _root[name]._yscale = _root._ymouse-origin_y;


          //If this is the start of a new shape


          if (!line_active)




          //Set the line tracking variable


          line_active = 1;


          //Set the start point of the new shape


          start_x = origin_x;


          start_y = origin_y;






          //***** Every time the mouse is moved


          onClipEvent (mouseMove) {


          //If there's a line currently being drawn...


          if (line_active)




          //Update line length / orientation


          _root[name]._xscale = _root._xmouse-origin_x;


          _root[name]._yscale = _root._ymouse-origin_y;








          //***** When a key is pressed


          onClipEvent (enterFrame) {


          //If it's the Enter key


          if (Key.isDown(Key.ENTER))




          //Join the end point of this line...


          //...to the start point of the first line in this shape


          _root[name]._xscale = "";


          _root[name]._yscale = "";


          //Reset line-tracking variable


          line_active = 0;







          draw a line convert it to a symbol and give it an instance name of line.


          and there you can draw lines.




          detach the lines by pressing enter.


          and thats it.




          your welcome in advance (:




          INPORTANT to leave all your symbols in the scene not in the libery are it will not work


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            A.kameshwaran Level 1


                  Thanks for the reply. What i need is a line with arrow and should not be attached from the library. It should be drawn in runtime on demand.



            Is it possible to draw like this dynamically in run time.line.JPG

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              LukeElChul Level 1

              so you whant the line to just draw by itself.


              you whant an arrow go in the sybol line and draw an arrow.

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                A.kameshwaran Level 1

                I will be having x and y points. With that i will be drawing the line. Now i need to add arrow inorder to show the line flowing direction. give some idea for me.