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    Adobe Reader X printing issue


      Hi there,


      since we implemented Adobe Reader X in our testing invironment, we habe a printing issue with some of our printers.


      In our main network we use Adobe Reader 9.3.4 and with that version therer are no problems with any printer.


      Even if a document was printed by a user as more than 1 example, on some printers Adobe Reader prepares the document the many times the user wants to print it. E.g. the user wants to print it out 5 times, Adobe Reader prepares it 5 times for the printer, then it would be printed out.


      This is a major problem if a user wants to print out documents with more than 20 pages more than 50 times...


      This problem first appear with Version X of Adobe Reader and I didn't find anything about that.


      Can anybody help us with that. If more information is regarded, I would to my best to publish...