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    Text/Animation On Video

      I'm trying to use text or animation on top of QuickTime video and I am getting flickering. Is there a trick to get this to work without flicker?
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          Level 7
          The only option is to run your video with directToStage turned off - and
          take the performance hit (unless you're running on OSX)
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            wesleycorgi2 Level 1
            Hi Sean, thanks for the reply. This did the trick, but you're right on the performance. The video is now at a slower frame rate. I can do what I want to do in Flash, but Flash has a pixel limitation. Also, I can't get my head around Action Script 3 versus Lingo (or even AS2).
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              Rob Reid
              I noticed on 11.5 the import of M4V option uses DTS off as the default. The performace of the video whether DTS is on or off seems to be the same. Unfortunately though they are both terrible. Strange to add a new "feature" that is even worse than their QuickTime implementation?
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                James Newton, ACP Level 3
                If you are using QuickTime, then you can create a black and white Mask member which determines which pixels of the QuickTime sprite are shown transparent. The documentation recommends against changing this Mask on the fly, but I have used Imaging Lingo to update its image with good results. You could arrange for the Mask to be transparent exactly where your text is to appear and show the text member (or even just a solid block of colour) in a sprite behind the QuickTime sprite.

                In Director 11.5, I have had good results importing an h.264 MP4 video as an #mp4 member. This plays by default with Direct To Stage switched off. This means that it is simple to show sprites over the top. The down side is that you need to create your own video controller.