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    Motorola Xoom FLV Playback Issues


      Hi  everyone out there,


      We have, at work, recently started looking at porting our existing Flash based E Learning couses over to  AIR for Android applications for the Motorola Xoom tablet.


      We are struggling at the moment to find the optimal settings for running (ideally) full screen, 1280 X 800px FLV files on the devices, since playback at this resolution is extremely slow and choppy using the existing FLV files that we were using on our desktop / web FLV files.


      If anyone out there has tried out FLV playback with either an Air For Android app, where the FLV files are packaged within the app, or either streaming via normal http//:, any help you can offer on the following would be greatly appreciated:


      * Maximum resolution for the device - we would like for it to be full screen, at 1280px by 800x, the native resolution of the device, but if we have to re jig the content so the videos are at a lower resolution, we will have to,


      * Media Encoder settings for converting the Quicktime and other video files into FLV's (or MP4s or F4Vs)..