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    Using Master Pages as Linked Resources

    Jeff at Infor

      FYI, I'm using RH9.


      I added our master pages as shared resources, thinking the writers could point directly to those.  However, I now see that they have to manually import those master pages into each project, which copies them down to their local machines.  Okay fine, a one-time thing isn't so bad, but if I update a master page, I don't want everyone to have to do the import again.  I found several pages on "linked resources" in the help, but when I open the Manage Linked Resources window, all of the panes are blank and everything except for the Close button is disabled.


      How do I specify a shared location?  Once I get there, I think the rest will fall into place.  I assumed it looked at your Shared Resources settings to determine a shared location, but it's not.