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    Dynamic sound on multiple MovieClips

      Hi Folks
      I am working on a "text to speech" engine which will "read" (and highlight) syllables simultaneously.
      Before you ask - I cannot use commercially available speech engines cos this is being targeted at language groups where the population numbers range anywhere from 500 to 3000 people per language group. Hence, there is no existing speech engine to match the language(s)

      Basically, this is how it is supposed to work.
      I am creating an empty movieclip for each word.
      Each syllable in the word (mc#) is created in a separate (dynamic) text field.
      I am attaching the audio to the _root. (or at least I THINK I am?)

      From the code attached, you will note that each word is clickable/dragable.
      When the user clicks on the WORD (mc#), I want the associated audio to play as the syllable text is highlighted.
      Assuming that I cycle through each texfield (SylTxt#) and get its value, (so that I can tell flash which audio file to play)
      What does the MyAudio.start() line look like.
      MyAudio.start() simply plays the last audio file that was loaded.

      Also -there are a couple of other things (related to sound) that are bugging me.
      1. It seems that not ALL of the audio filed are being loaded. How do I ensure that a file is loaded before executing the next instruction?
      2. Would you suggest that the audio is loaded into each mc# or should I leave it on the _root?

      Please see my code attached.
      Thanks for your thoughts.