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    Copying Comments/Attachments/Bookmarks

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      I am writing user manuals for a company.  I convert these in to .pdf's and then add comments, attachments and bookmarks to the .pdf.


      The problem is that the manuals get updated quite regularly, so everytime I change a manual I have to create a new .pdf thus having to create the comments/attachments/bookmarks again.


      This was OK at the start, but there's so much to go in now, I'm wasting alot of time.


      Any ideas?



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          (I assume you have Acrobat, since it's not possible to create PDF files with Reader)
          You can export/import the comments to an external file (look under the Comments menu). Also, you can use the Replace Pages function, which maintians the bookmarks and attachments, but replaces the actual pages in the file.

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            bowen192 Level 1

            The pdf is created in Framemaker; I don't have Acrobat.


            Don't know why I never noticed the comments section before, cheers


            So you are saying that you can only transfer bookmarks and attachments with Acrobat?



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              CtDave Level 5

              Use FrameMaker's PDF Setup dialog to select paragraph tags that are to become PDF Bookmarks. Establish the desired Bookmark level there.

              Tick "Generate PDF Bookmarks". An output PDF will have Bookmarks present that reflect your configuration in the PDF Setup dialog of FM.


              As mentioned, Acrobat is required for manipulation of the output PDFs.


              Just my observation but, providing PDF from FrameMaker without Acrobat Pro installed is far from an optimal work environment/work flow.

              Invariably the output PDF(s) will be in need of, at a minimum, some polish and buff. Often, such as in your situation, more is needed.

              You want Acrobat Pro for that.


              Be well...

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                bowen192 Level 1

                Good reply CTDave, cheers.


                You are of course right.  Now all I need to do is present a similarly eloquent argument for the folk who hold the purse strings in my place.


                Wish me a lot of luck.