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    Bug Report: Safe Margins and Program/Source Zoom Level

    TradeWind Level 3

      Heads up for anyone interested who might want to also file this bug report. I recently submitted this one myself. It's an issue that has bugged me for a while (since the first HD edit I did, probably in PrPro 2). I just worked around it before, but recently I wasn't paying attention and used the Safe Margins as a guide and had titles all in the wrong place as a result.


      Here's the report I filed:


      Concise problem statement:

      When changing program and source monitor "Zoom Level" to something other than "Fit" (100%, 200%, 50%, etc) the Safe Margin markers do not scale with the view. This can be misleading and seem to indicate areas are outside the safe areas when they are in fact within the range. The problem seems to be that the safe area margins are connected with the panel size, and bear no relation to the actual Zoom Level selected (100%, 200%, etc).


      Steps to reproduce bug:
      1. Open a source or program window
      2. Select a Zoom Level OTHER THAN "Fit" - 100%, 200%, etc
      3. Turn on "Safe Margins" in the Program or Source window


      Results: Safe Margins do not match IF the Source or Program window/panel is smaller than the total viewable area in the monitor


      Expected results: Safe margins would be constrained to the actual safe area for the sequence settings (safe areas for 1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x480)


      FEEL FREE to copy-n-paste if you would also like to file the bug report. Or re-word it if you think my description was lacking.