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    Scripting the PDF Optimizer


      Hi folks


      I'm trying to find a way to script the PDF optimizer in Acrobat Pro 9 (Win), so it is invoked from JavaScript with the name (or path, whatever) of a profile to use when optimizing.


      This feels like it should be a FAQ, but a search of the forums doesn't reveal any posts and I've had no luck with Google or with the Acrobat scripting documentation. I can invoke the scripting UI with




      ... but not select a profile or accept the dialog. There doesn't seem to be a proper scripting API for it. Am I just blind? Or is there no way to do this? It seems like such a basic task to use Acrobat for.


      My use case is automating a weekly time-consuming PDF processing task so it can be performed in a couple of simple steps by staff without requiring error-prone checklists. One of the requirements is to save two different optimized versions with different resolutions used for image resampling.



      Craig Ringer

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