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    Mixing CS 5 and CS 5.5 installations

    midimid Level 1

      I currently have Adobe CS5 Design Premium installed.


      I need to have my ancient copy of Flash CS3 installed *alongside* the CS5 installation. I also now have standalone copies of Flash CS 5.5, Flash Catalyst CS 5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5 that I would also like to install *alongside* my CS5 and Flash CS3 installations. What's the best way to go about install all of this?


      Flash Builder shouldn't be a problem as I don't have another copy of it installed.


      For Flash Catalyst, I'm thinking I can uninstall it from the Design Premium CS5 installer and then install the Catalyst CS 5.5 standalone of it. Will that work?


      But I need all of the various versions of Flash for backwards compatibilty with FLAs. Do I just install each into their own folders? Will that work OK?


      I'm on Windows 7, 64-bit