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    Ebook downloading error




      I get the following error when downloading the ebook:


      E_LIC_USER_UNKNOWN http://acs4.ebookshipping.com:8080/fulfillment/Fulfill urn:uuid:16d0f1a5-0a68-48e3-bcfb-a74daed596d6.


      Any idea?

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          I'm guessing that you're running a Windows PC and that the website you're

          downloading from is looking for the license information in ADE, and it's not

          finding it.  If your installation of ADE works with other downloading sites,

          then it's a problem with the software used by ebookshipping.com.  This is

          not uncommon: ebooks are still a very young technology.


          Hope this helps!



          On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 6:34 AM, Supermaninthemoviesdude