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    HD external monitor options - upgrading from SD


      My company is in the midst of upgrading our SD (DV NTSC) production workflow into HD (XDCAM EX) and I'm more or less in charge of coordinating it.


      Some info about our current editing station setup:

      Premiere CS3 running on Windows 7 machines with core i7 870 chips, 16GB DDR3 ram, GeForce GTX465 graphics running two 1280x1024 monitors; then we ingest/monitor a DV NTSC stream via JVC BR-DV6000 decks to old SD Sony Trinitron monitors


      We bought and are getting ready to update to CS 5.5, but we need to figure out the external monitoring situation/upgrade. But unfortunately we do not have the fund to go out and buy PMW-EX30 decks and Trimaster HD production monitors; the larger part of our entire upgrade is purchasing the actual production gear (camera, etc), so I'm trying to figure out the most economical upgrade for the editing stations. Obviously I want to get the most accurate monitoring as possible, but at the same time we don't produce broadcast-quality programming, so the editors don't need insanely nice screens.


      My initial thought was to get some sort of I/O card or device to basically replace the DV decks, but only use it for monitoring purposes: the Black Magic Intensity Pro cards seem like a good option. As far as the monitor itself, I figure that a decent computer monitor with either 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 resolution should work just fine. Seeing as how the Intensity card only runs an HDMI output though, I just need to pick a monitor with HDMI: but there seem to be way too many options and I don't know what I should be looking for exactly.


      Besides deciding on a monitor though, I just had the thought that the Intensity cards might not be necessary at all, and that we could get away with just buying another cheap graphics card that would solely be used for monitoring via Premiere... I assume pretty much any card would be able to output a 1080p stream without a problem, right? I wanted to ask someone else's opinion about it though, to see if the Intensity card would perform any better than just another graphics card, like if one would lag more or not work with Premiere, etc. Also, what would be a good choice for the monitor?