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    VideoCrafters Level 1

      in previous versions ctrl+k would cut through all clips on the timeline. in 5.5 it no longer works. is there something else that will do it. oh, boy i love it when they change keyboard short cuts...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          As of CS4, things changed a bit. Now, you can limit Ctrl+K to just affect Targeted Tracks. To have it affect ALL Tracks, Target them before.


          Hope that helps, and good luck,



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            VideoCrafters Level 1

            that was true thru v5, but on 5.5 ctrl+k no longer works. that shortcut is used for something else. so what is the new [cut thru all] command i wonder???

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              Jon-M-Spear Level 4

              In Windows, ctrl+k is still cutting through selected tracks - as CS5 did only it's now called "add edit".


              Ctrl+shift+k adds an edit on all tracks.


              Look in Keyboard Prefs for all shortcuts!

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                Averdahl Level 3

                Ctrl+K has not changed in CS5.5.


                If you indeed has tracks targeted and it don't work:

                1. Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts

                2. Press Shift+F

                3. Type "add" (without quotes)


                What do you have for shortcut for Add Edit? If none or something else, double click in the Shortcut area for Add Edit and press Ctrl+K and then click OK.



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                  RDA972 Level 3
                  function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                  ... what is the new [cut thru all] command i wonder???

                  Try ctrl+shift+k.

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                    VideoCrafters Level 1

                    well we have 2 workstations running 5.5 on windows and ctrl+k no longer functions on selected tracks

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                      VideoCrafters Level 1





                      that works

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                        Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                        ctrl+k works as intended on my workstation and laptop.


                        You can, of course, edit Keyboard Prefs if, for some reason, it's become reconfigured.

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                          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Ctrl+K works like before.

                          Just make sure the tracks are selected, or ctrl+shift+k.

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                            VideoCrafters Level 1

                            tracks are selected, but doesn't work

                            ctrl+shift+k works perfectly


                            i don't know why there is a discrepancy 

                            but i don't care now that i have figured it out


                            thanks all!!

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              You know, so long as things work, and you find the keystrokes, life is good.


                              Not sure why Ctrl+K is not doing it for you though. Could some program, or process that loads at boot be "hooking" that key-combo? I've seen several programs, that use hot-keys, steal standard key-combos. Any new programs that could be lurking and doing this to you, that were installed about the time that you went to CS5.5? I've seen screen-cap software hook several of Photoshop's key-combos. One user had some sort of a "magnifier" program, that loaded into the Taskbar, and it ruined half of InDesign's key-combos. Odd stuff that most never think about.


                              Still, you got a keystroke that works!


                              Good luck,



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                                MichaelScarn Level 1

                                Are you selecting the video track or just the video clip? Only selecting the clip and having the video track unselected, will cause Ctrl+K to not cut, though Ctrl+Shift+K will still work, regardless of any tracks or clips being selected. I'm guessing that you have the clip selected, but not the track. That would explain Ctrl+Shift+K working and not simply Ctrl+K.

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                                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  I have been using CTRL + K for about a week now with out any problems.  Maybe Micheal's thread is a solution