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    Premiere CS5 UI not completely loading -stalls -crashes

    Deaner77 Level 1



      I am having some devistating trouble with Prmiere. The only thing that I can think of that changed is that I went from 12 gig of ram to 36 gig.


      Some times when I launch PP, it crashes before it even loads. Other times...like the image above...some of the UI is missing. I can create assets in PP (titles, and color mattes) but as soon as I drag it on the timeline, PP stalls and is unresponsive until I force shut down.


      I ran all Adobe updates, and that didn't change anything.

      I uninstalled PP, rebooted, and reinstalled...changed nothing

      I uninstalled the entire suite, ran adobe's clean uninstaller, rebooted, reinstalled the suite....nothing changed.


      I am at an impass! I don't know what else to look at or try.